About Us

Welcome to Candyvore

Candy-vore is a subsidiary of Life is Sweet, which is a small family owned business since 2006. In 2022, we developed a plan to curate specialty candy collections and "drop" them every month. And it was a success!
Every month we create a limited run of a monthly curated candy collection.
It is called the Candy-vore Collective. And every first we "drop" the new candy collection. Collection remains open until drop is sold out.
The only way to guarantee your spot in line is to enroll in the monthly subscription plan. You may cancel this service at any time.
In order to keep Candy-vore simple and sweet, we have separated the business.
Life Is Sweet brings together “sweet” lovers from all generations. We all have "that place" where they bought candy when they were a kid? A local place with rows of jars filled to the brim with all kinds of sweets. 
Remember penny candy? Atomic Fireballs? Mary Janes?
Life is sweet storefront

Who are we?

Life Is Sweet is a family owned sweet shop established at the end of 2006. We aspire to be that special place you bring friends for a special treat…time and time again. Whether you shop local or online!
In 2020, we expanded our online presence out of necessity. We began to offer the "candy store experience" virtually. We launched our "Custom Candy Box" line and we are delighted that customers seem to enjoy sending some #candylove. 
We are learning so much and are very thankful for your business.
We thank you for your patronage and support - and hope we are able to continue to bring joy to "kids" of all ages - both near and far. 
Sweetest Regards XOXO,
The Candy Crew at Life Is Sweet & Candyvore